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  • Solar Edge - Optimisers

    Posted in : CommercialCommercial, Residential

    Residential Solutions

    Solar energy systems include PV panels and inverters. Traditional string inverters have a number of significant drawbacks. SolarEdge DC optimized inverters overcome these traditional concerns to offer more energy, better maintenance, and enhanced safety.
    More Energy


    – With SolarEdge, whenever AC power is off, DC wires are de-energized
    – Power optimizers shut down the DC voltage in the PV wires to protect installers, maintenance personnel, and firefighters
    – The SolarEdge inverter solution meets the advanced European safety standards

    SolarEdge inverters are certified to IEC 60947 as a disconnection means between a PV inverter and a PV generator, and to VDE 2100-712 for safety for firefighting or maintenance