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  • Monitoring System

    Posted in : CommercialCommercial, Residential

    Ausind Solar provides a wide range of system monitoring possibilities. Monitoring your Solar PV System remotely provides you with key real-time data and information to monitor the yield and performance of your soar power system. We have the perfect solution for every application.

    real_timeThese can include:

    • wireless or internet based
    • compact or complex
    • concise or elaborate

    These solutions include solutions include:

    1. SMA Sunny Portal (Free monitoring service – Bluetooth connectivity)– link to:
    2. SMA Webconnect (Free online monitoring service) – link to:
    3. SMA Sunny View – link to:
    4. SMA Sunny Webbox – link to:
    5. JFY Solardog (Monitoring Device)