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    Ausind Solar is a multiple award winning, WA Family Owned and Operated Renewable Energy Solar Power Solutions business.

    The solutions we provide allow you to cut your electricity costs in multiple ways:
    • Quality Solar Power for residential and commercial customers
    • LED (Energy Efficiency) Lighting Solutions; and
    • Energy Efficiency Solutions

    We help you in reducing your electricity consumption and costs. You can beat the rising cost of power, by generating your own free electricity.

    How do we do this?
    • Our Trained and Expert Consultants will assess your electricity consumption
    • Our trained and Expert Consultants will recommend and design a Solar Power System to best suit your needs and Budget
    • We will Install Quality Solar Panels/ Modules and Inverters
    • We will only Install Quality componentry and fittings
    • We provide personalised service and customer care

    Depending on the size of the system installed our customers can reduce their bills from 18% upto 95%.
    Ausind Solar prides itself on personalised service and customer satisfaction.

    Why Choose Us

    • Multiple Awards Winner

      Solar Power Perth – Ausind Solar is an award-winning West Australian renewable energy business. We will help you to reduce your energy consumption and beat rising power costs.

    • Customized Solutions for you

      Our Trained and Experience CEC Technical Consultants will assess your Home or Business power needs to design and recommend a Quality High Efficiency and cost Effective Solar Power System to best suit your requirements and budget.

    • Quality Driven

      Every aspect of your experience with Ausind Solar has Quality – Service, Product, Knowledge, Installation and Deliverables as its core Value.

      • High quality components translate into reliability, durability and higher Return On Investment (ROI)
      • Highest grade installation standards guarantee superior performance and the system's longevity
      • We extend high quality to our customer service and follow-up
      • Customised design ensures maximum return on investm

    Turnkey Process Includes

    We look after the whole process for you