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  • Electricity Prices increased by 4%
    Posted On : July 3, 2016
    Ausind Prices and fees

    Yesterday Electricity Prices have increased by 4%. You are now paying 27 cents per unit of electricity used. This will mean the average home owner will now pay extra a minimum of $111.69 every 2 months on their electricity costs.


    Ausind Prices and feesSolar Power can help residential homes and businesses reduce their day time energy costs and increase saving. Put the money back in your pocket and hedge the price of electricity. You can do this by reading the attached Energy Efficiency Checklist* will help you save money, energy and the environment.

    Click here to read the Checklist – ┬áCourtesy of Synergy*.

    If you would like an obligation free assessment and quote for Solar Power for your home.

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