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  • Ausind Solar offers:

    • Free lighting assessment
    • Complete energy efficient lighting solution for your home or business
    • Full project management including rebates and grants where applicable
    • Highest quality energy efficient lighting products from reputable manufacturers like Phillips
    • Accredited electricians for a safe and easy installation of your new energy efficient lighting solution
    • DYI Lights – You can replace your own globes


    Traditional Halogen Lighting / LED Energy Saving Lighting Comparison Table




    Running   Cost approx.   $40/yr./light** approx.   $10/yr./light† up to   75% saving on your lighting bill
    Energy   Efficiency 50W   globe 6.5W   globe uses   86% less energy
    Lifespan Approx.   1 year^ 13- 18   years^ no   annoying and risky bulb changes
    Light   Quality can   flicker flicker   free, same luminescence better   light quality
    Safety can   heat up to 370 degrees so can cause fire emits   up to 60% less heat Reduces   the risk of fire
    Health/Environment can   contain highly toxic fluorine, mercury, lead and argon NO   harmful UV rays, mercury, lead or argon better   for your family’s health and the environment
    Disposal contains   toxic waste  – Mercury 100%   recyclable better   for the environment
    Council   Requirements does   not assist with council approval earns   energy efficiency points for council approval helps   with council approval and green star ratings

    ** Based on 50W globe and 10W transformer used for 6 hours per day at 24c/kWH
    ^ Based on a lamplife of 30,000-40,000 hours with 6 hrs of usage 365 days per year † Based on 6.5W globe and existing 10W transformer, used 6 hours per day at 24c/kWh

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