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  • Inverter: How to pick a good one?

    A no nonsense way of identifying a good quality Inverter that will provide you the best output over 5 to 15 years is by ensuring you know what you are receiving with your packaged solar deal.

    There are two types of Inverters:

    • Transformer Inverter and
    • Transformerless Inverter

    Now let’s conduct a SWOT Analysis on the two types of Inverters:

    Transformer Inverter Transformerless Inverter
    strength strength
    • Widely available in Australia
    • Conducts electricity into the same voltage as the grid of 240v
    • A good Transformerless Inverter will be more efficient and provide higher performance than a transformer Inverter
    • No coils, computer chip that converts DC current to 240v AC
    • Lighter and relatively economically priced
    • No disruptive sound or humming noise
    • Use of existing transformer available in the main grids or residence
    • Common in Europe and now entering the Australian Market
    weakness weakness
    • Heavy and relatively expensive
    • Can create humming noise that can cause disruption
    • Have heavy coils
    • Newer technology and not as widely available in Australia

    Fundamentally you want a Transformerless Inverter. It provides you with that extra better output and you will be coming out a winner with the extra 1-2 units daily on top of the normal production due to lesser conversion loss of electricity.

    Ausind Solar provides its customers with only Industry CEC Approved Inverters that also are backed by excellent track record of working at its optimum best and less than 0.01% failure rate.

    Inverters Available today in the market that have consistently provided excellent output of electricity to customers houses include:

    • Delta Solivia Inverters
    • Aurora Powerone Inverters
    • SMA Sunnyboy Inverters
    • Afore Inverters
    • Suntellite Inverters


     Delta Solivia Transformerless Inverters

    Delta Solivia Inverter (German Designed, Assembled in Thailand)

    Delta Solivia Inverter

    • Highly Efficient German Inverter.
    • Suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation.
    • 10 Year Warranty provided

    Delta Solivia
    2.5AP, 3.0AP, and 5.0AP






    Powerone Aurora Inverters

    Aurora Powerone Inverters (2kW upto 30kW)

    Aurora Powerone Inverters (2kW upto 30kW)







    Currently the second largest manufacturer of solar power inverters globally, Power-One’s Renewable Energy Solutions has seen remarkable growth in the past 12 months. Power-One has also made heavy investment in North American manufacturing by recently opening two manufacturing centers in Phoenix, Arizona and Toronto, Canada. The Power-One Aurora brand of renewable energy power inverters offer best-in-class performance and reliability along with a global customer care package

    Their range of Aurora products is renowned for being one of the most efficient, robust and technically advanced currently on sale. Industry magazine Photon magazine said our European 10.0kW three-phase inverter ‘takes its place among the top devices Photon Lab has tested so far’.







    – PVI 3000 OUTD
    – PVI 3600 OUTD
    – PVI 4200 OUTD






    – PVI 5000 OUTD
    – PVI 6000 OUTD







    SMA Sunny Boy Transformerless Inverters

    SMA Sunnyboy Inverter






    • Top of the range German Designed Inverters – referred to as the Rolls Royce of Inverters.
    • Weather proof for both indoor and outdoor for versatile installation.
    • High first class efficiency and power conversion.
    • Very user friendly.

    SMA Sunnyboy Transformerless and Tripower Inverters (5 Year Warranty, Extendable Warranty to 10 – 20 Years- additional fees apply)

    SMA Sunny Boy  2500TL






    SMA Sunny Boy 3000TL, 4000TL, and 5000TL






    SMA Sunny Boy Tripower 5000 to 9000TL






    Extended Warranty Fees






     Afore Inverters

    Afore Inverter Ausind Solar









    Afore – Italian Designed assembled in Shanghai

    Afore is internationally distributed to the UK, Japan, Asia and Australia. This new generation product is backed by our superior product warranty, not to mention Afore’s extensive product range to suit all customers from small residential right up to large commercial applications. AFORE is an international PV enterprise which headquarter in PV hi-tech center of Shanghai. Afore has the first-class production equipment and international R&D team. The Core business is to provide various high-quality and reliable grid-tied solar Inverters and energy system solutions to meet the consistently increasing needs of global energy.

    Product Highlights:
    • 10 Year Inverter Warranty.
    • Australian base for support and product questions.
    • IP65 for broad outdoor protection.
    • Wireless monitoring system also extends to iPhone and Windows/Mac.
    • Full Residential and Commercial Range available.
    • Multi MPPT Range.
    · The design, performance, heatsink, bracket and monitoring system.

    Afore Inverter Product Catalogue







    What does my Inverter Display?

    As a customer who has invested in a Sustainable Solar power system, you should be interested in the following readings from the Inverter:

    • DAILY- the amount of power (electricity in KW/h / units) produced
    • TOTAL- the amount of power (electricity in KW/hr / units) produced from the time the system was installed
    • The amount of power (electricity in KW/hr / units) the sustainable solar system is producing currently
    • The output of voltage at any given point in time

    The above information is sufficient for you to determine how your system is performing and what output you are receiving.

    Our Technical Consultants train you on how to read your Inverter and provide you with a QUICK START manual that you can use to get you up to speed on this.