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    Solar Panel Robust Quality Assurance Testing

    Solar Panels or Solar Modules: (Cheap and Affordable Solar Panels from Ausind Solar)


    Solar Panels or Solar Modules refer to the type of panels available in the market today.

    The technology of Solar Panels or Solar Modules has been around for over 50 years. This technology was predominantly made use by the Germany, where over 80% of residences and houses have PV solar systems on their roofs.

    The burst of Solar PV installations started in 2008 with the $8000 government rebate and this propelled Solar PV installations to become a popular means in reducing electricity costs incurred by Australian householders.

    There are 3 main types of solar panels in the market today:

    • Monocrystalline Panels
    • Polycrystalline Panels
    • Thin Film Panels
    Monocrystaline Panels Polycrystaline Panels Thin Film Panels
    Type Monocrystaline  Solar Panels Polycrystaline Solar Panels Thin Film Solar Panels
    Efficiency 14% – 18% cell efficiency 12% – 14% cell efficiency 5% – 6% cell efficiency
    Temperature Tolerance -3% +3% -5% +5% -3% +3%
    Life Time 25-30 year life span 20-25 year life span 15-20 year life span
    Durability Hail resistant 25 year P & M 25 year P & M warranty 25 year P & M warranty

    Ausind Solar provides customers with both Mono-Crystalline and Poly-Crystalline panels. These two types of solar panels are recommended by the CEC council to be the most efficient panels for their efficiency for conversion of UV light and Blue light into DC current.

    Features of Mono and Poly Panels:

    • high efficiency solar cells
    • withstand hail damage of up to 25mm
    • SET Selective Emitter Technology
    • high transparency low iron tempered glass allows maximum light permeability while enhancing stiffness and impact resistance
    • Integrated bypass diodes to protect the solar cell circuit from hot spots during partial shadowing in Mono Panels
    • Higher Tolerance between Temperatures in Poly Panels


    Q PEAK 245 – 265
    Q-Cells Solar Panel Specifications

    Suntellite Solar Modules
    ZDNY-250C and ZDNY-300C72 (200W and 300W Mono-Crystalline Panels)

    Suntellite Solar Panel Specifications

    Simax Solar Modules
    SIMAX 156 SP660 – 230W·235W·240W·245W·250W
    SIMAX 156 SM660-240W-245W-250W

    Simax Solar Panel Specifications

    Ausind Solar sources the highest efficiency and best quality solar panels. This ensures the customer benefits with long term (daily) high unit production output to maximise on their ROI (Return On Investment). The solar panels we provide are designed and built to deliver highest efficiency and reliable power for on-grid residential and commercial systems, and are manufactured with the best materials and under strict quality control with quality assurance tests. These panels deliver high efficiency that enable customers to procure Solar Power at an affordable pricing.

    All the solar panels supplied are quality tested to ensure that the panel can withstand impact of hail of up to 4 mm in diameter. All our panels are covered for 10 year hail resistant warranty.

    The robust measures of Quality Testing ensures that each panel that is designated and installed on your roof will provide longevity and output of power for 25 years.

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    Solar Panels Perth
    Ausind Solar sources the highest efficiency and best quality solar panels. This ensures the customer benefits with long term (daily) high unit production output to maximise on their ROI (Return On Investment).