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  • Why go solar with Hanwha Q CELLS

    Secure return on investment and higher electricity output

    Photovoltaics: Turning sunlight into electricity

    Solar cells are connected to form solar modules for a high-performance and efficient solar array. Several of these modules are combined and installed on your roof with mounting systems. The direct current (DC) generated by the solar module is converted into alternating current (AC) by a power inverter and can be utilized directly, stored in batteries or fed into the grid.

    Three good reasons for a residential solar system

    Our energy needs are increasing at an accelerating rate, while electricity prices are continuously on the rise. Therefore it is paramount to focus on a renewable energy source to secure a power supply for the future that is reliable, inexpensive and sustainable: The Sun.


    Installing your own solar system is very cost effective. Over the past few years panel prices have reduced considerably, while electricity prices have increased. This means that grid parity, ie. investing into a solar powered future will cost no more than your standard electricity charges from your current electricity supplier. Find out more about Federal Government rebates and State Feed-in-Tariffs on the Clean Energy Council website.


    Depending on the size of the system you choose to install, you can considerably reduce your electricity bill – and even bring it down to zero! This means you will be completely independent from every increasing electricity prices. Contact your local Hanwha Q CELLS installer to find out which system size works for you.


    When you choose to install your own solar PV system on your roof, you are drawing on a renewable energy resource with tremendous potential, particularly here in Australia. The amount of sunlight we have here throughout the year is unparalleled and ensures that you receive your return on investment sooner.

    Plus, you will protect the environment, preserve valuable resources and secure the future for yourself and your children. Plus, you will earn money on top. So, what are you still waiting for?

    Why Q-Cells Australia

    Local Support. German Engineering. Guaranteed Quality.

    Hanwha Q CELLS Australia is a vibrant company that strives to continuously provide not only the best modules, but also the best service to our customers. We do go the extra mile and consider ourselves a partner rather than a mere module supplier. We are here to help you choose the right system for you. If you are after something a bit different, we are here to work it out for you – regardless of system size or geographic location.

    Crystalline solar modules

    10 years limited product warranty

    – For material defects or processing defects – HOT-SPOT PROTECT and Anti PID Technology

    25 years limited linear performance warranty

    – Deviation from the specified minimum power output will not exceed 0.6 % p.a., – minimal nominal rated power at 25 years at laest 83 %

    We monitor over 30 testing sites throughout Australia, including two of our systems at the Desert Knowledge Center in Alice Springs. Please click here to find out about our real performance.

    Hanwha Q CELLS was founded in 1999 in Thalheim, Germany. Within a few years we evolved into one of the biggest solar cells producers globally. Instead of only supplying some of the best panel producers with our high quality solar cells, we then decided to use our know-how and expertise and to start producing solar panels ourselves. We know that only high quality modules integrated with superior technologies can form the basis for reliable energy output.

    Our main focus is innovation and R&D. This is the only way we can fulfill the high expectations of our customers and to guarantee a secure return on your investment.

    • The modules are the fundamental components of a high performance rooftop solar system. They are the elements that convert light into electricity. Their efficiency levels dictate how much electricity they yield. Q CELLS modules are among the most efficient and most durable on the market. Our catalogue of products covers almost any conceivable requirement.
    • Q CELLS modules are the only modules on the market offering the Q CELLS Yield Security. This includes e.g. the Anti PID Technology against power loss caused by potential-induced degradation, Hot-Spot Protect for crystalline modules against Hot-Spots which might cause module fire as well as the Additional Power Boost for CIGS modules allowing for up to 15 % additional power after installation.
    • Hanwha Q CELLS draws on years of experience in the field. Our technicians ensure the best possible utilisation of your roofs. Whether designing a system for your car park, installations parallel to a flat roof, facades or BIPV variants, Hanwha Q CELLS offers the optimal solution at affordable prices.