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  • Simax Australia

    Simax is a Private high-tech company who specialized in developing, manufacturing, and marketing of silicon ingots, solar wafer, solar cells, solar modules, PV systems and solar applications.

    At present, Simax have one research and development team the members are well-known experts in photovoltaic, and we also have advanced production and test equipment, our products have been certified by CE, UL, IEC61215, IEC61730 and ISO9001

    Since 2004, the company relies on the complete industrial chain, takes the target by the high quality and low cost, sets up the national brand image in the global market, and provides complete BIPV constructions gathering of gas,caloric, electricity to the all over the world customers.


    Solar system contains individual photovoltaic modules that can convert the solar energy into usable direct current (DC) electricity that can then be distributed through an inverter to the electric grid or the utility panels at commercial-industrial sites or residential homes. A solar controller is typically needed to run the system. In many cases, a solar tracking device (like our Sun Cruiser®) can be incorporated in the system to enhance power output, which can result in significant savings and other benefits.

    Ausind Solar Intl. provides customer with a range of Simax modules.

    Click here to see Simax 156 Black SP660- 250w Specs